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FLINSTA is pure math.

Nobody needs to be measured and no product must be 3d scanned as well. We analyze the behavior of the people interacting with the shop, buying products and returning them. Once we’ve gathered 10.000 shipments, we start predicting. If you want to go faster, give us 10.000 shipment-data from the past (that’s not much for most of the shops).

What we need to know

We need a couple of data to predict the right sizes for shoes and cloths. These data can be completely anonymous regarding the customer of your shop.

We like to know everything you know about your product: name, variants, sizes, colors, manufacturer, product-group. And we like to know when a product is being sold and if it’s returned.

The Process

We asume that you want to go fast and easy. So we like to have a “dump” our your data as descriped above: 10.000 anonymous shipments. Having this we start the setup of our servers and the customized finetuning. 4 Weeks later, you can start saving money.

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